Australian Shepherd

An excellent companion, the Australian Shepherd is easy going and loves to play. They always remain puppies at heart. They are intelligent, eager to please, and seem to sense what is expected of them. They are aggressive when working with livestock, but gentle with humans. They can become destructive if left alone.

The merle Australian Shepherd carries a gene which may result in blindness or deafness. Some are prone to hip dysplasia. They may suffer from Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA). Interesting Fact: Despite its name, the breed, commonly known as an Aussie, did not originate in Australia and is American.


This gorgeous breed has commonly blue or brown eyes or even both and was developed on the western ranches of America’s West. The breed rose in popularity via the rodeos, Disney movies and horse shows after World War I. Aussies are valued for their ability to be trained and also look similar to English shepherds and Collies. They also can make very good stock dogs and compete in herding trials. They are highly obedient and make very good search and rescue dogs, detection dogs, therapy dogs and are considered to be the 17th most popular dog in America.

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