Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a fine-boned, charming, and loveable breed.   They are a very active breed and require regular exercise and socialization with people and other dogs.  The Chinese Crested is a very intelligent breed, and they often try to take on the role as ”pack leader” in their family.  This can lead to undesirable behaviors which can be corrected with proper training.

CCThe Chinese Crested was bred to be a companion to sick people and will spend hours in bed with you if need be without moving a muscle. Unlike almost every other dog, they have little desire to go out and run around. They are social creatures and bond quickly and intensely with their pack. They are sensitive, reactive, and have a high social drive, making them quite needy. They are a bit wary of strangers – so much so that they are known to nip them – but if they are well socialized they will be just find around them. The Chinese Crested are great around familiar people, though.

The Chinese Crested is a great family dog and loves nothing more than to be around the people they love the most. They are good with children, though small children may be too rough for them. Due to their needy nature, the Chinese Crested can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They can act like miniature guard dogs and will bark and behave like one if given the chance.

Escape artists, the Chinese Crested can escape from almost anywhere and are very difficult to catch. Because of this, they should never be left outside alone.

Major Health Concerns: The Chinese Crested is prone to sunburns, skin irritation, and tooth decay/loss.

Interesting Fact: The Chinese Crested carries genes for two coat types – the traditional hairless variation, and the fluffy ”Powderpuff” variation.

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