Personal Genome Analysis

About this test Bring to light what is hidden in your genes and learn how your genetic makeup might influence your life with our Personal Genome Analysis. This analysis will reveal your susceptibility to different common diseases, how you can … Continue reading

Biogeographical Ancestry Test

Price: $495 (NO HIDDEN FEES) Testing: Tested Individual Timeframe: 14-21 working days from receipt of sample at our office. Discover your biological roots In our cells, we all carry the migrational journeys of our ancestors with us, stored in our DNA. With the ground-breaking … Continue reading

Cancer Panel Genetic Predisposition Test

Cancer Panel Genetic Predisposition Test

Price: Available Soon Testing: 1 person Timeframe: 6-9 weeks from the moment the laboratory receives your samples. Cancer is a complex, multifactorial condition which can be caused by environmental or genetic factors. Whilst cancers triggered by environmental factors are hard … Continue reading

British DNA Test

THIS TEST IS NOT AVAILABLE Price: (NO HIDDEN FEES) Testing: 1 individual Timeframe: within 12-14 weeks How deep are your British roots? Use the British DNA test to trace the journey of your ancient ancestors from their origins to shores of Britain. The … Continue reading

Genetic Reconstruction Test

Price: $605 Testing: Child, Mother and 2 paternal relatives or child and 3 paternal relatives Timeframe: 7 working days from receipt of sample at our office. The purpose of a genetic reconstruction test is to determine whether or not an … Continue reading

Non Invasive Prenatal Test for Down’s Syndrome

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be accepting swab samples from the alleged father until further notice. Price: $495 Testing: Expectant mother Timeframe: Within 5 working days of receipt of DNA samples The non-invasive prenatal test we offer has … Continue reading

Legally Verified DNA Test

Price: $495 Testing: Alleged parent and child/children Timeframe: within 7-10 working days of receipt of DNA samples In a verified legal DNA test (which is not NATA accredited), adults participating in the test must have their samples collected by an … Continue reading

Mars Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog Breed Identification test

Price: N/A Timeframe: 3 weeks from receipt of samples at our offices. Ready to discover your dog’s genetic heritage? International Biosciences offers breed identification DNA testing. With a simple cheek swab, you can uncover DNA-based insights that may help you … Continue reading

Maternal Lineage Test

IBDNA offers you the chance to discover your ancestral lineage with our maternal lineage
DNA test. This test is ideal for unraveling your family heritage are simple to carry out and
results can form significant part of your personal research into your genealogy. Continue reading

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